Professional Webinar Production | ZUT MEDIA

Are you ready to bring your learning to life?

Do your webinars leave you feeling a bit flummoxed or flat? Do you want to improve the quality and learning experience for your team?

Zut specialise in the production of high quality and interactive video webinars – packed full of features which really engage with audiences. Plus – we record all presentations HD so you can build up a library of high quality on demand learning materials – perfect for a LMS or intranet.

  • * Reach from 1 to 1000 colleagues
  • * Event facilitator for smooth event management
  • * Professional audio
  • * Multi-camera
  • * Include video to enhance the learning
  • * Create HD quality recordings
  • * Virtual sets to create branded learning environments
  • * Interactive – through live polling / Q&A
  • * Reporting & Measurement


Interested? Contact Chris Holmes for further information.

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