Motion graphics can be extremely powerful when it comes to creating stand out content for social media channels and digital platforms so it’s no surprise that brands are increasingly using more animated video content. The capabilities of motion graphics are endless and with 2D animations, 3D renderings, GIFs, augmented reality and virtual reality, there are no limits to creativity.

Here’s why we think brands should be using more motion graphics.

  1. Motion Graphics Capture the Imagination of Viewers

Whether you’re creating a promo video, a TV commercial or a digital ad, animated video can really help brands to grab the attention of consumers. Motion graphics allow brands to tell their story in a unique way, engaging consumers on a different level to traditional video content. The more compelling your content is, the more likely consumers will be to engage, react and share it.

  1. Motion Graphics are a Great Way to Deliver Complex Messages

Motion graphics or animated infographics can be an extremely effective way to deliver complex messages in a format that is both engaging and compelling. This makes animated video a perfect tool for creating content that is designed to explain detailed processes, products, services or concepts. There is no better way to bring data and images together.

  1. Animated Video Creates Greater Branding Impact

Just as brand guidelines are applied across products, advertising campaigns and websites, motion graphics allow brands to expand their identity into animated video content, which can be hugely powerful. Establishing a strong motion graphics brand identity with the right pace, movement, imagery and tone, can help consumers to clearly identify a brand through its content before they even see the brand logo.

  1. Motion Graphics have Strong Visual Impact

Animated video can deliver high impact messages, even without audio. Given that 85 percent of Facebook users watch video without the sound on, this is a huge advantage of using motion graphics.

  1. Motion Graphics have Longevity

Animated video can be easily re-purposed to create a suite of content, which can be optimised for multiple platforms and used as part of a wider campaign. Motion graphics can also be tailored to appeal to different audience groups or even mixed with traditional video techniques to help deliver impact.

Zut’s motion graphics team have created animated video for clients such as Everton Football Club, Chester Racecourse, the English Football League and Betfred. Why not contact us for a chat about how motion graphics can be used in your marketing? Call Mark Hancock on 0151 329 2757 or email mark@zutmedia.com.

Watch Zut’s animation showreel:


Published on May 22, 2019 | In News, Top Tips, Video

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