Can Video Help My Business? Absolutely YES, Here’s Why…

If you own a business and you find yourself wondering, Can video help my business?’ the short answer would be yes – absolutely it can.

In fact, 83 percent of all businesses believe that including video in their marketing strategy is certain to give them impressive Return On Investment (ROI).

Here at Zut Media we have all of your video requirements covered from corporate videos, live streaming events and conferences.

How does video help your business?

If a picture paints a thousand words how many do you think a video would paint?

When people have a face and a voice to attach the message to, they tend to trust the product more. When they trust the product you are selling, they will be more inclined to buy it.

Videos help to build trust which turns into conversions and ultimately increased sales.

But how can my business use video to build trust?

A corporate video gives your business a voice as a well as a face. This voice has tonality and a clear message behind it.

Aspire to have the right content and look to build a strong brand awareness with the right message behind it. This brings trust, more traffic, and more sales.

Video marketing brings a good Return on Investment-ROI

Recent reports show that if you have a video with engaging content, then people will respond positively.

Here at Zut Media we work with you to produce an excellent standard or corporate or streaming video which will enable your business to reach an audience that without video marketing you simply could not.

Sponsorship of live events for example is a way of gaining fantastic exposure for your brand or by having an video made for a corporate advert you can extend your reach way beyond other forms of marketing alone.

Videos should be an essential part of your marketing mix

It is quite clear now that any business won’t achieve much by ignoring video as an important marketing tool. Take YouTube, for instance. YouTube has become a convenient tool for various brands to promote their services or products. You Tubers have taken the marketing world by storm helping businesses increase their revenues to unimaginable heights.

This includes businesses too and you should be seriously thinking about including this into your marketing mix.

Videos make your services more engaging

Videos are more engaging. For this reason, video cannot be ignored. Many customers are reluctant to purchase products or services from the internet thanks to the increasing number of scammers and fraudsters, you can never be too sure who you are dealing with at least until it’s too late.

Videos promoting the same product prove effective as the customer gets to see the functions of the product before buying it.

The clients also gets to ask more questions about the product which can clear uncertainties and get them to buy the product. Recent surveys show that half of shoppers decided to buy online products after watching the videos.

This clearly helps build trust in your products and services which in turn strengthens your brand.

Videos give you an extended reach

The notion that video is effective only for people who watch TVs or use computers is misguided. Over 90 percent of everyone who gets to watch promotional videos do so on their phones. This is because one can watch the videos on their way while walking to work, on the bus, while taking a break at the park or while passing time at home.

Smartphones are more versatile. Everyone owns a mobile phone. Hence you are guaranteed a wider audience.

Your videos will continue to be watched by many smartphone users for as long as the content is available on the internet. Compared to Television and computers, consumers have expressed that they feel a personal connection by watching videos on their phones.

Videos Are Easy to Understand

Say you are unveiling a new product to the market. It is easier for viewers to understand your product by watching videos you make about these products. In the video, you show people how the product functions, how to use it and its different features.

Many people, even after reading the manual after buying an appliance, for instance, they often have to go online to search and watch videos explaining more about the appliance.

Use animation, be funny and entertaining. This way you stand out from the rest and grab people’s attention quickly. Research on ways to make your video more interesting. This is a unique video making strategy that is bound to get you expected results.

Remember, nowadays internet users are very impatient and get easily bored. A video that does not ooze originality and seems more like other videos out there gets ignored pretty fast. In your videos use familiar language or phrases to explain details regarding your product.

Videos are shared more on social platforms

Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, and YouTube are a few of the various social media platforms business owners can exploit. Marketing your products through these platforms is bound to expose you to thousands upon thousands of different people who will then share your videos among friends.

In turn, you will see more activity on your end with people asking to know more about your product and where they can find it. There are business people who have no physical locations for their businesses but they end up making just as much or even more money than people who have actual shops all thanks to social media.

With provisions such as 360-degree video on Facebook, Instagram stories on Instagram and periscope on twitter, you have all the space you need to tell people about what you are selling.

Why is video marketing so effective?

Brands have the over the years slowly moved away from the old-fashioned written-esque kind of ads with many these days preferring the engaging and compelling nature of video marketing instead. Today we seek to establish why that is so and how you can tap into the video marketing wave that is sweeping the internet off its feet.

  1. Consumers have developed a preference for video content
    Stats from a recent Hub Spot consumer survey indicate that about half of all online consumers opt for video content over any another variety.This goes to show that the chances of your audience taking a good look at your ad depends on how you format your advertisement with video structures generally reeling in more numbers than your average written post. On Facebook, for instance, videos generate a whopping 8 billion views every day according to figures provided by Social Media Today.
  2. Video content is shared more than images/texts thus has a higher organic reach
    Brands know just how hard it is to get ads going but SmallBizTrends points out that video content tends to become popular faster than mere images or texts.Figures provided by the website show that social videos increase the number of shares by up to 12 times the numbers obtained through conventional mediums such as texts or images. As a result, video content tends to generate more organic reach and this has been substantiated by reports from Social Media Today which have indicated that videos have about 1.35 times more organic reach than photo posts on Facebook alone.
  3. Video marketing drives conversion rates and email open rates up
    Incorporating the word ‘video’ in your email’s subject line can increase open rates by 19% with conversion rates also experiencing a boom of 80% when landing pages encompass video content.What’s more, click-through rates in emails improve up to three times than usual when videos are included within emails. These figures are in line with a study published on Unbounce.
  4. Video ads tend to be more memorable than texts or images
    HubSpot affirms that the number of people who recall an ad one month down the line increases by 80% in cases where the brand employed video marketing rather than picture/written posts. Therefore, video marketing proves an effecting means of selling a product/service for the long haul.

Essential pointers to successful video marketing

Video marketing is easy if you tick all the right boxes and here are a few tips to help you out in this regard:

  • Focus on the story rather than the sale so as to avoid repelling viewers by being too salesy.
  • Make the introduction- i.e. the first 10 seconds or so- as interesting as possible because consumers hardly stick around past that period if the content isn’t appealing to them.
  • Add character and humor to your content as audiences are attracted by out-of-the-box pitches rather than straightforward, lifeless videos.
  • Optimize your videos for search by enabling embedding and uploading it to your own domain first so as to increase the chances of attracting inbound marketing links.

And that’s just about it for the basics.

A picture is worth a thousand words and a video is worth a thousand pictures and that certainly is the case if the stats shown herein are anything to go by.

The success of any business greatly relies on its exposure to the prospective customers. Although there are several marketing strategies that any aggressive and ingenious online marketer can leverage, there is one particular strategy that is making waves high and quick when it comes to generating targeted traffic.

Video marketing has proven to be the most effective marketing tool in solidifying your business presence over the internet. Actually, according to a recent report by Cisco, video marketing is expected to contribute more than 80% of the generated traffic by 2020.

How to get started with video marketing

Aim to tell a story

When creating your video content, you should focus on telling a story rather than sounding all salesy. You need to attract your customer by appealing to their needs and desires and not by foisting your adverts on them forcefully. Let your video be short but effective. Two-thirds of your prospective customers are more likely to engage with videos that are less than 60 seconds

Also, avoid including auto-playing video ads to avoid irritating your customers.

Include video on landing pages

Your video content will generate more traffic if you place them on landing pages. According to  statistics, strategic positioning of online video on landing pages can result in over 80% conversion rates.

Create SEO friendly video titles

Google shows that close to 50% of the customers search for videos relating to the products they wish to purchase before making the order. For this reason, you should ensure that it’s your content that pops up first whenever they search for their desired products and services. SEO friendly titles and descriptions are quite useful when it comes to Google indexing and thus essential in increasing your exposure.

Create consistency and retention

With the increasing number of social media users, you need to schedule your post appropriately if you wish to grow a massive social media audience. You should select the ideal social media platform based on your type of content. For instance, if you are creating “how to” videos you should consider YouTube. Reports show an increase of up to 70% online search on the particular niche on YouTube.

Again, maintain your style of content. Whether, its educational videos, entertainment videos or inspiration videos you need to stick to your type of content. A report by Blue Corona indicates that approximately 80% of the online consumers value demonstration videos before making purchases thus you can leverage that to your advantage.

Hype your videos before launching them

Are you intending to release a new product video? It would benefit you to build hype and mystery around its launch to increase engagement. Use the “work backward” strategy commonly used by Amazon. It involves determining your end game and working your way backward. What is the new product all about? What are the benefits and differentiation factors?

The importance of video marketing 2019

Online consumers demand more videos

Prospective customers are 4X more likely to engage with video content than reading about it. Also close to 43% of online consumers demand more video content from marketers.

Video generate more traffic

Online survey shows that video generates 12X more shares than images and text content combined.

Effortless engagement

Your customers need not spend hours reading through your detailed text content. Deliver up to 1.8 million words of text content in a one-minute video.


Videos can be used for almost anything. They are considered the most versatile form of content that can suit any form of marketing.

If you’re doing social media marketing and you aren’t incorporating videos, then you are neither optimising your efforts nor taking full advantage of the marketing channel. That might not sound much convincing, but look at the simple stats below:

  • Justin Bieber, a typical guy, had his videos spread like wildfire on YouTube. Over 500 million people watched his videos.
  • Consider others like James Corden’s Carpool Karaoke videos from The Late Show. According to YouTube, his videos ranked top.
  • 82% of Twitter users prefer watching video content
  • YouTube has more than 1 Billion users, which accounts for a third of Internet users.

Videos aren’t just meant for entertainment. Through promotional videos, you can attract qualified leads that convert to loyal customers. According to recent stats, the top 10 trending videos that go viral on YouTube are watched for over 25 million hours. Each day, about 500 million hours of videos are viewed.

Nonetheless, reports by Cisco show that by 2019:

  • Videos will account for about 80% of global Internet traffic
  • To watch all the videos on social media, you will need approximately 5 million years!
  • About 1 million minutes of videos will be uploaded and shared every passing second.

A social video can generate about 1200% more shares compared to the use of pictures and text content combined.

It means telling a story through video is more effective than using written content or static images. An audience is more likely react to captivating and emotional videos after watching. If you create impressive and compelling videos, your audience will always be willing to share.

What is the importance of video in social media?

1. Videos deliver messages instantly and effectively within a short period. The attention of a human being is shorter than that of a fish. With the vastness of the Internet, their attention of users is getting shorter and shorter. However, by using a charming video, you can quickly win their auditory and visual senses.

2. Videos drive about 157% rise in organic traffic, sale and leads. When embedded in websites, videos can bring about a 55% increase in total traffic. They give users real pictures of everything that’s going on. They are also engaging and easy to digest.

3. The ability to share quickly across multiple social media platforms means you can market to larger audience base.

4. Tracking video results is easy. Unlike traditional content, you can track metrics such as the number of hours your videos were watched, when a consumer stopped watching, full views and other metrics.

5. Videos are great for nearly all occasions. Whether you want to promote a product, narrate a brand story or show a How-to guide, the use of videos fit any event.

How then can you create compelling videos?

  • Create short, engaging videos. Studies show that users can have a 53% retention rate on a 90-second video and a 10% retention for a 30-minute video.Therefore, focus on creating short video clips. Be creative and genuine. Create videos that reflect your brand identity and personality and make things brief.
  • Choose the right platform where you can fetch as many views as possible. YouTube is popular with over one billion users. Facebook has about 500 million users who view videos every day.Both Facebook and YouTube lead with the highest number of users. The two platforms recently introduced un-skippable 30 seconds ads on videos. It works pretty well for marketers and advertisers.
  • Grab the attention of viewers with premium offers. Create high-quality content that is interesting to users and remember to include a CTA.
  • Coordinate a strategic cross-channeling promotion across different social media platforms such as YouTube, LinkedIn, Google+, Facebook, and Twitter. Be consistent in your message and tone.
  • Maximise Share-ability. It helps you to drive traffic to targeted landing pages. Additionally, remember to optimise mobile viewing. This is because about 50% of all social videos are watched on mobile devices.
  • Incorporate curiosity. It will make people want to watch your future videos.

Bottom Line

Videos rule and will dominate the Internet. By 2019, video traffic will account for about 80% of all the customer traffic. It means you can’t ignore utilising social videos in your marketing efforts. If you’re still on the sidelines, then it is high time you start video marketing.

How to do video marketing

For the last few years, businesses have been using videos to market their brands, goods and services, and the results have been very impressive. If you walk into any office today, you’ll find desks fitted with desktop or laptop computers. Many employees watch videos whenever they get bored or complete their assignments.

If you travel to and from work using buses or trains, you’ll undoubtedly notice that many passengers remain glued on their smartphones and other internet enabled devices until arrival at their destinations.

The first thing that most people do whenever they get back home from offices is to switch on TVs or home computers.

What makes people remain glued on their electronic devices every day? The answer is simple- love for videos. Even though some people spend some of their time reading, most people use their desktop computers, laptops, smartphones and tablets to watch assorted videos.

Marketing experts have discovered how much people love watching videos, and that’s why they have shifted efforts and other resources to the creation and distribution of marketing videos.

Types of videos

What type of video(s) do you intend to create? This is an important question that you must answer before commencement of the whole process.
With regard to forms of marketing videos, there are various options that you can consider. They include:

  • Demonstration videos
  • Personalised messages
  • Brand videos
  • Augmented Reality videos
  • Event videos
  • Virtual Reality videos
  • Expert interviews
  • Live videos (let the audience know about behind-the-scene occurrences in your business)
  • How-to videos/ educational videos
  • Testimonials by customers/ case studies
  • Explainer videos
  • Animations

Video creation process

Our team here at Zut Media live and breath the video creation process and all of the process that surroundings it.

Don’t struggle with  your video creation, we’ll do it for you.

Hosting your video

You successfully shot the video footage, added music, incorporated voice-overs and edited it.

The next step involves uploading the video online to allow prospective customers view, download or share it.

With regard to online hosting of videos, there are several options that you can consider. The videos can be hosted on YouTube, Vidyard or Vimeo.You can also upload the videos to the organisation’s website or social media sites such as Facebook.

YouTube is the world’s largest video hosting site. With regard to size, Google is the only search engine that overshadows YouTube. Additionally, it is the world’s third most visited site.
Vimeo is the 2nd largest platform for hosting videos. The site records more than 750 million views every month.

How to do video marketing- KPIs

The following are some of the key performance indicators that must be tracked when using video marketing: view count, comments, awareness lift, play rate, advertisement recall, social sharing, watch time and sales.

Other KPIs to track include: view through rate, demonstrations, brand interest lift, conversions, completion rate and clicks, among others.


Millions of potential customers watch online videos before making purchase decisions. Therefore, companies that are yet to embrace the use of video marketing are losing millions of potential customers. Brands should ignore the growing popularity of video marketing at their own risk. Fortunately, creating exciting video content has become easier and cheaper, thanks to rapid technological advancements.

Try converting written blogs into marketing videos. The information above has explained how to do video marketing. The results will undoubtedly be impressive. The use of videos to market products, services and brands is an effective and efficient way of attracting the attention of existing and potential customers. Why don’t you try it today? There will be absolutely no disappointments.


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