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Over the past 10 years, Zút have enjoyed a close working relationship with Knauf Insulation; one of the world’s largest manufacturers and suppliers of building insulation products.

As part of a major internal realignment programme, Zút were commissioned to create an animation detailing the main services and strengths of the Knauf brand. Used as a means to reintroduce suppliers, customers and staff alike to the business, this animation showcases the major successes that the company has enjoyed and the innovations that Knauf have brought to the industry as a whole.

Our aim was to humanise Knauf’s production by showing how important their products are to people’s lives everyday lives, whether they realise it or not. To achieve this, we created a ‘Hero’ animation piece that positioned Knauf Insulation as being more than just a product as well as supporting video content that featured the people whose lives the product has impacted.

The animation style made use of architectural drawings and blueprints as a basis for the artwork, driven by a voice-over led narrative that also references the unique skills and expertise that Knauf brings to all of their projects.

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