Five Ways Live Streaming Can Improve Internal Communications

Live video is becoming an important internal communications tool for large businesses and global brands. Live streaming offers huge benefits when it comes to engaging internal audiences across multiple sites and different time zones. We’ve compiled a list of reasons why you should consider including live video as part of your internal communications strategy.

  1. Live streaming an internal event is more cost effective than bringing teams together to one physical location.

It can be costly for large organisations, particularly global brands, to bring teams together to attend a conference, meeting or event. Live streaming instead can help businesses to engage with staff in multiple locations in real time, reducing the cost of business travel and accommodation expenses. Live streaming can also enable large organisations to reduce their carbon footprint by reducing the need to travel.

  1. Live streaming allows senior leadership teams to address all employees directly at the same time, wherever they are in the world.

Live video enables the senior leadership team or CEO of large organisations to address employees across multiple sites simultaneously. This is particularly useful for delivering regular company updates, as well as sharing important business announcements. Live streaming ensures that all staff receive exactly the same message, direct from the senior leadership team at the same time.

  1. Speakers can be beamed into a conference from anywhere in the world, saving on travel costs and time.

By harnessing the power of live video, conference speakers can be beamed in to address delegates from anywhere in the world. They can also answer questions remotely in real time. As an example, Zut was recently tasked by a large global client to beam in a keynote speaker from a venue in Surrey to address a conference of 100 delegates at a conference in Nice. The speaker also answered questions from delegates in Nice in real time thanks to the live video feed.

A high quality live stream that links up delegates and speakers at multiple venues requires multiple cameras, vision mixing and a professional agency.

  1. Multi-site conferences can be joined together in real time through live video.

A useful tool for conference organisers, live streaming can bring delegates and speakers from one main conference together with simultaneous connections, allowing delegates to participate from multiple venues.

Live video allows attendees across all venues to interact with each other in real time, ask questions to speakers and take part in polls. Zut was recently tasked with delivering a simulcast of this type for the WEA (Worker’s Education Association) conference, which brought together delegates across seven different cities.

  1. Live video can be recorded, edited and re-purposed as on-demand video.

Using a professional video agency to live stream an internal event means that content can be edited and re-purposed for a whole range of other initiatives. Video footage from a corporate event can be used in a number of different ways afterwards, whether for staff training and recruitment or as content for digital platforms and social media channels.

Zut’s dedicated live streaming team works with large organisations and global businesses to engage employees across multiple sites and different time zones. We stream a whole host of events from conferences and meetings to training sessions and important company announcements.

To find out more about live streaming a corporate event, contact Chris Holmes at Zut on 0845 862 4445.



Published on October 17, 2019 | In Events, Live Streaming, News, Top Tips, Video Production

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