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Video Production Vacancies

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Zut Media are a forerunner in amazing video content and over the years have been very priveldged to work with some household names and fantastic projects.

Our team are made up of passionate people with exceptional talents, we don’t want to work with 9 to 5 type people, if you think you have what it takes then we’d love to hear from you!

So what does it take to work at Zut?

Take a quick look at some of the work that we’ve done as examples. Designers with a creative flair and an ambition to produce your best work possible on a regular basis then you will likely fit in.

We have our head office based in Liverpool with other locations in Manchester and London.

Our clients are based anywhere and we’ve worked with companies throughout the UK.

We’d like to try and answer all of your questions here but it really would be better if you got in touch with us, either using contact page or via submitting your information as already outlined above.


Our work begins when a client contacts us for a quote.

We then brainstorm with the client to visualise an end piece that suits their requirements

Pre-production requires a lot of planning and organising so you should be prepared for both.


The actual production work itself varies but generally can involve filming on site and shooting for extra footage and interviews.

Of course it depends what type of video format we are creating and each project will be slightly different.


Post production happens when we have all of the raw material and it’s time to start to piece it all together to produce a final result.

This could include animation and the requirement for artwork to be produced so if you are a talented designer with a great imagination we’d like to talk with you about your previous work and where you think you want to go next.

Get In Touch – We’re Waiting To Hear From YOU

So if you’re an ambitious designer, creative, and think you’d fit into Zut Media, we’d be interested in hearing from you. Please send us an email to with your CV/ portfolio/showreel and a cover letter. Due to the volume of emails that we receive, we can’t personally respond to all of them, but if we think you make the cut, we’ll definitely be in touch.

We look for people that can contribute to all stages of the process.

If you think you have what it takes then please just get in touch, we’ll do the rest.

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