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‘Pensions don’t have to be boring…’ for Northumbrian Water Limited

Dec 22nd, 2014

Client: Northumbrian Water Limited

Project: Animated video / internal communications.

Output:  Intranet distribution plus DVD.


Northumbrian Water approached Zut Media to help put together a short animated video outlining the latest Pensions auto-enrolment scheme being introduced later this year.

A news-reader style animated character and voiceover were created to deliver the update to the workforce of the Durham based organisation. The update was well received by the workforce. Relaying this important message in such a way injected fun into a usually dry subject matter, but more importantly got the information across in an engaging format to maximise views from all staff.

If you are looking at ways in which to improve your internal communications using video or animation, get in touch with Mark on 01744 616 144 or email


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