Video Marketing Statistics

There is no single better form of visual marketing than video. If a picture can paint a thousand words just think how many a video can paint.

So although it may be a somewhat obvious thing to say – video marketing (and in particular online video marketing) has been growing for years but is fast gaining a pivotal position in the digital marketing arena and these video marketing statistics for 2018 reflect just that.

These latest video marketing statistics show that the number of video viewers online is increasing at an exponential pace. The rules of engagement though haven’t changed much. The more interesting and intriguing the video, the higher the viewer count. As consumers get attracted more towards video rather than text it is time that business owners also pay attention to online video marketing.

These 50 video marketing statistics will hopefully help you realise why video marketing should be a part of your marketing strategy.

Video Viewing Trends:

We will 1st focus on how video streaming is capturing the attention of consumers. As a result, the number of online viewers is increasing exponentially.

  1. The number of people who watch videos at least once a week after coming online is 78%. 55% of the online audience, however, watches at least one video each and every day.
  2. According to the current growth rates of video traffic, it will comprise 80% of the total traffic by the year 2020.
  3. Google might be the most visited website on earth but YouTube is fast catching up. YouTube is the 2nd most visited website online. This clearly indicates that videos are becoming more and more popular.
  4. According to Forrester Research, a single minute of video can pick up to 1.8 million words. This ensures that the potential of communication with the help of videos is immense. As a result, it is imperative for businesses to use videos for marketing so that they are able to communicate with consumers more easily.
  5. Even though social media websites like Twitter might be the most interactive websites for the visitors but on these websites as well, Twitter users watch videos. According to insivia, 82% of Twitter users watch videos embedded in the tweets.
  6. The total number of YouTube users is over 1 billion. This is a clear testament to the fact that videos are pretty popular as compared to some of the other forms of communication online. It commands 1/3rd of the total Internet users. Most of these are active as well which clearly indicates that engagement is much better with the help of videos.
  7. Viewers spend more than 500 million hours on YouTube each and every day watching a wide variety of videos. Thus, the size of the audience which is available on YouTube is much greater than any other platform.
  8. 86% of the total video viewers are between the ages of 18-26. This clearly indicates that millennials are watching a lot of video content. In addition to that, the younger age group is more inclined to conduct transactions online which is an added advantage for most businesses as they are able to market in front of the decision-makers.
  9. The mobile audience is also interested in videos. The mobile viewership of videos has increased by 35% in the year 2017.
  10. According to Cisco, by the year 2021, the amount of video content that will be watched on a monthly basis will be over 5 million years. This amount of significant video viewing clearly indicates that the size of the market is significant.

Social Media Video usage:

YouTube is not the only destination where users watch videos. On each and every social network, the viewership of videos is going through the roof. These video marketing statistics indicate that with the help of videos, you will be able to reach out to people on social networks as well as many other platforms rather than just YouTube.

  1. YouTube app has been downloaded by 71% of all mobile users. It is the 2nd most popular mobile application across different play stores currently. This is a testament to the fact that video viewing is a habit rather than a luxury.
  2. According to Forbes, the rate of growth of video consumption is 100% per annum year-on-year. This clearly indicates that viewers are becoming more and more accustomed to watching videos.
  3. Facebook alone has 8 billion videos embedded across its platform. This statistic makes it clear that users not only view the videos but also share them.
  4. The number of users on Facebook who are watching videos on a daily basis is over 500 million.
  5. Snapchat which is an upcoming social media application has its users watching 10 billion videos each and every day. This is a clear testament to the fact that social media and video consumption is interlinked.
  6. The number of shares which social videos get is 1200% more as compared to text or images. This clearly indicates that videos have a much higher chance of going viral as compared to text and images.
  7. The amount of organic reach which you get with the help of Facebook videos is 135% more as compared to Facebook images.
  8. Video is used by 60% of online marketers when it comes to social media campaigns. This clearly indicates that professional online marketers are using videos in a big way.
  9. Instagram witnessed 40% surge in the video viewing statistics in the year 2016. Thus, the trend of rising video consumption is not just limited to a couple of social networks but it is rather uniform across all of the social networks.
  10. The number of broadcasts on Periscope are over 200 million up until now.

Effectiveness of Digital Videos:

Video Marketing is much more effective than any other form of marketing. The video marketing statistics which we will share below will make it evident.

    1. Approximately 50% of consumers watch a video of the product before buying it. This clearly indicates that the buying audience trusts videos much more as compared to text or images.
    2. Consumers who watch demo videos are 1.81 times more inclined towards buying the product as compared to the consumers who are just reading about the product.
    3. You might witness that most of the digital products and services these days include a video on the landing page. This is not a coincidence. Embedding a video on your landing page or on your website can increase the conversion rate by as much as 80%.
    4. The growth of how to related searches on YouTube has increased by 70% per annum in the last few years. This clearly indicates that users are using YouTube much more as compared to earlier.
    5. The video recalling capability of individuals is far superior as compared to recalling text or images. According to a survey, 80% of the users recall a video advertisement. This high retention rate means that you will be able to easily make an impression on your audience with the help of video advertisements.
    6. 80% of millennials use videos to research a product or service before making a buying decision. This clearly indicates that millennials prefer video over any other form of content.
    7. According to 96% of the video viewers, video is much more useful for making the purchase decision as compared to any other form of content. Thus, if you want to reach out to the audience just before they make their buying decision, it is a good idea to opt for video marketing.
    8. This statistic will probably surprise you. 43% of people actually want to view more video advertisements. As a result, people are willing to watch video advertisements. This is in a stark difference between text and image advertising.
    9. The influence of video marketing is not just limited to online purchases. 50% of the users stated that they watch videos even before heading over to the brick and mortar stores. This clearly indicates that no matter the type of product or service they are buying, they always research using videos.
    10. According to 25% of the consumers, they find it very difficult to engage with the business if it does not have any kind of video content. This not only highlights the importance of video for marketing but also for the engagement of the consumers.
    11. Video traffic from search engines has witnessed an increase of 157% in the last year. This clearly indicates that even search engine users are preferring videos over other forms of content.
    12. The maximum engagement from the video viewing audience is for videos up to 2 minutes in length. This clearly indicates that even a small investment in video content can reap rich dividends for business owners.
    13. The conversion rate for websites that use videos on the landing page is 4.8%. This is significantly higher as compared to a conversion rate of 2.9% for websites that do not use video. Thus, video content for private website usage is also a necessity rather than being optional.
    14. Not only pre-recorded videos are increasing in popularity but also live streaming videos. According to Cisco, the growth of live streaming videos in terms of viewership was 13% in the year 2018.
    15. Integrating video in full-page online advertising and can increase engagement by up to 22%. This clearly indicates that video is superior in each and every form of advertising whether it is advertising within the video or whether it is full-page advertising on different websites.

Video Marketing Leads to Higher ROI:

Video marketing is much more than just engaging the audience. It provides business owners with a higher ROI. With the help of the higher ROI, business owners can easily expand their business at a rapid pace. We look into some of the statistics which help you understand why video marketing is the most lucrative form of advertising.

  1. Business owners are able to get 66% more qualified leads from video marketing as compared to any other medium. Brand awareness has increased by an average of 54% with the help of video marketing. This clearly indicates that video marketing is good enough not just for expanding your business but also for creating a brand.
  2. The large business owners put a great emphasis on video being a part of their marketing strategy. Up to 82% of the large companies are investing in video marketing. Thus, it is important that the small business owners start focusing on the same in order to compete.
  3. Up to 81% of businesses who have tried video marketing have reported that it has helped them in growing their business significantly. This indicates that every 4 out of 5 businesses have experienced a surge in consumer demand after indulging in video marketing.
  4. Businesses who use video content on their website are 53% more likely to show up on the top pages of search engines. As a result, they are able to tap into search engine traffic more easily. This alone is worth investing in video marketing. It is one of the most important video marketing statistics on this list.
  5. According to some estimates, the amount of money that companies are spending on mobile video marketing is going to surpass desktop video marketing expenses in the year 2018. This clearly indicates that the mobile audience is converting better for video advertisements.
  6. The video advertisement distribution is spread across 2 main platforms. 67% of the video marketers are involved in advertisements on YouTube. 51% of the total video advertisers also show their advertisements on Facebook. This clearly indicates that irrespective of the platform, video marketing holds its potential.
  7. As per a survey, 83% of the online marketers are confident that video advertisements on Facebook will help their clients gain more consumers.
  8. The popularity of live videos on Facebook is also increasing. The time spent by people watching Facebook live videos is triple that of normal Facebook videos.
  9. The number of comments which live videos get on Facebook is almost 10 times that of pre-recorded videos. This clearly indicates that the engagement ratio is much higher for live videos.
  10. At least 97% of the business owners who created video content for their business accepted the fact that videos help consumers understand more about their products and services. As a result, the conversion rate also increased which helped their businesses grow.
  11. The amount of time spent by a consumer on a website is 88% higher when there is a video embedded on a website. This clearly indicates that the consumer is more interested in what the website has to say when there is a video embedded. This also indicates that the chances of conversion are also on the higher side when the video is embedded into the website.
  12. The average CTR of video advertisements is 1.84%. This is significantly higher as compared to any other marketing medium. This ensures that the overall conversion rate will also be higher.
  13. The speed of growth of businesses that use video marketing is higher by 49% as compared to the businesses that do not use video marketing. This is a clear indication that businesses that are not using video marketing as a viable tool are left behind. With the help of video marketing, businesses are able to easily gain an edge over the competition.
  14. According to Moz, blog posts which have videos are 3 times more likely to get inbound links as compared to blog posts that have just text and images. Inbound links will help you in ranking higher in the search engines. When you rank higher in the search engines, automatically the amount of traffic which you will get will also be on the higher side. This is another reason why you should create video content and advertisements for your blog.
  15. 53% of smartphone users prefer websites which have instructional videos or any other form of video content on their app or on their website. They find it easier to understand and gain knowledge about the services or the products of the website. Thus, if you want to be in a higher acceptance ratio, having video content or instructional videos on your website or mobile app is a must.

One thing which these video marketing statistics conclude is that video is becoming more and more important online. As a business owner, it has become a necessity for you rather than an option to indulge in video marketing. With the help of video marketing, not only you will be able to gain more customers but you will also be able to gain an edge over your competition. As a result, it will become easier for you to expand your business at a rapid pace.


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