What Is Corporate Video Production?

What is corporate video production? Do you know the difference between a promotional video and a brand commercial? People who want to give their brand a marketing boost often ask “what is corporate video production?” because they are investigating a new route to promote their brand. Well, if this is you guess what? You’ve come to the right place, here at Zut Media we are experts at corporate video production.

So What Is Corporate Video Production?

A corporate video is a video that has been produced by a business for a number of uses including the promotion of a service, brand or product. A corporate video can also be used for training purposes, filming live events or even using video in a new business proposal for a potential client.

Here are some examples of how corporate videos are used:

  • A company wants to produce a TV advert to reach a wider audience
  • A corporate message is required to present at a conference
  • A business may have a new product that it would like to offer to new or existing clients
  • Staff training may require the use of an explainer video to help with personal development
  • A company may hold live streaming events including internet or televised streams
  • A streaming video may be required for a meeting where delegates cannot attend the same location

How Does A Corporate Video Help Your Business?

To put it simply a corporate video can help your business communicate more effectively.

A good video marketing statistic worth remembering is that video is better at driving engagement that any other medium of communication.

A good video stays with people and allows them to remember your brand, your product or services over and above an image or text.

Here are some points about how a corporate video can help your business:

  • It allows a complicated message to be explained in a simpler way
  • It allows a product or service to be physically demonstrated
  • It improves the direct route to your potential customers
  • It is an advertising medium that can be shared on social media and watched repeatedly and attract engagement
  • It is proven method to increase Return On Investment
  • It improves your Search Engine Optimisation
  • A video enriches your branding
  • A corporate video can aid a presentation to make it more stimulating
  • A business can make use of video for training or analysis purposes

What Types of Corporate Video Are There?

We’ve already covered some different way how a corporate video can be used and how it benefits a company, here a few different ways that a corporate video can be presented:

  • An animated video for aiding explanations
  • Branded content video for strengthening a brand image
  • The use of case studies to gain trust
  • Charity video’s
  • Documentaries
  • Filming events (live or to be post produced)
  • Interviewing people
  • Promotion of products and/or services
  • New recruitment videos
  • TV advertisements
  • Streaming for meetings
  • Business updates and webinars (used for internal purposes or on social media)
  • Promotion of upcoming events

As you can see there are a number of ways that a corporate video can be used, there are many more but these are the most common formats.

What Is A Typical Video Production Process?

A typical video production can be broken down into three simple phases:

  1. Pre-Production
  2. Production (or filming)
  3. Post-Production

1 – Pre-Production Phase

Here at Zut Media we like to work with our clients to turn their vision into a reality. This begins at the pre-production phase.

Although each video will be unique the shared common process will look something like this:

  • Assess and determine the video goals
  • Know the budget and scope of work required
  • Decide on the type of message and story
  • Know our deadlines
  • Script and story board creation
  • Prepare on screen characters or talent accordingly
  • Assess production equipment requirements
  • Location scouting and preparation

2 – Production Phase

Once all of the ground-work has been carried out and we have a clear map of how we need to proceed we get to work on the actual production phase.

We use this phase to gather all of the raw video material that we will need to take into the post-production phase. This includes:

  • Attending the location and setting up the appropriate equipment
  • Filming
  • Recording additional voice overs
  • Capturing additional supporting video footage

3 – Post-Production Phase

The post-production is where the video is produced to it’s final product. This includes:

  • Organising footage
  • Video editing
  • Music and soundtrack
  • Reviews and approvals
  • Adjustment and final delivery

This is a simple overview which describes the magic that happens when a video is finally ready to be shown to the wider world, it is where the nuts and bolts are put together to form a corporate video in all it’s glory.

Why Is Video So Important For Marketing?

Hopefully we’ve covered enough ground in this article to show how a corporate video can help your business in a multitude of ways.

Ultimately the end result is that your business to accent it’s voice and make your company stand out from the competition.

This is why it is so important to include video marketing as part of your overall marketing mix.

A video when it is produced by a professional video production company such as ourselves here at Zut Media gives your company a way to reach customers that other marketing channels on their own simply cannot.

It also gives you the opportunity to go viral on the internet and have your corporate video shared with a huge amount of people. To have a look at some video marketing statistics please see our article here.

People Also Ask

Why Is Video Marketing So Effective?

It allows you to show your brand, product or service in a way that explains and shows it off better than any other form of promotion.

This allows your company to reach an audience better and stay in their memory when they are looking for a product or service.

It also improves your reach of the internet and TV as a marketing channel.

What Is Video Content Marketing?

You may have heard this phrase and asked yourself this question but in essence it encapsulates the things we have talked about in this article, it is a way to promote a service, product or message to an audience using the medium of video.


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