Zut’s top ten tips for successful live streaming your event

Live streaming
, no doubt you have heard of it, some of you may have even have hosted a live stream yourselves with more and more tools available online and in the digital world we wanted to share our thoughts with you.

Myth – Live streaming works for every event you hold I am afraid this just isn’t true, as a live streaming and video company it may seem odd that we aren’t encouraging you to use live streaming at every single event you have but the truth is, it just doesn’t suit everyone.The power of a live stream is its ability to excite and increase interaction with your audience. In order to engage with your audience, the content has to be relevant, ideally with exclusive content and a great set of speakers.
Myth – You can manage a live stream at any time of the day or night – Sure if you are live streaming a performance of the Grammys, or U2 vs Madonna at 2am you’re bound to get viewers, however, streaming a Q&A with your MD at 5.30pm midweek may not be as successful. Scheduling is key, and depending on your content, your agency should be able to work with you and advise on the best slot. Liaise with your agency early on and let them work with you throughout the planning process.
Truth – Hosting a live stream can make your event budget work harder  Yes, spending more on the right things really can maximise your event budget and ROI for both your business and event sponsors. A live stream provides a great platform to reach out to staff, members or consumers all over the world. No need to hold huge events anymore with massive capacities in a central location with good transport links. A live stream makes your event accessible to everyone. You can cut down overheads and increase reach. OK, we know some people might tune in in their pyjamas, but remember the camera is only one way!
Truth – Live streaming can help your workforce With more and more people working from home, live streaming important internal comms also adds a benefit to employees. For large corporates, the ability to live stream annual results means they can reach employees all over the globe with one hit, during difficult times in a business a live Q&A with CEO could potentially put employees mind at ease, equally introducing new hires means your work employees feel more engaged and productivity should rise!
Truth – Live Streams Can Increase Revenue A live stream provides a perfect platform to increase commercial revenue. Exclusive rights can be sold to headline sponsors, giving them not only exclusive content, but also prominent brand profile and a unique activation –  your sales team colleagues will thank you for the exclusive asset.  Some streams can even be created as a pay per view, your audience logs on and pays a small fee to access the stream in many cases you can also capture audience data, increasing your database for future sales and marketing activities.
Myth – Hosting a live stream costs a fortune and you need really sophisticated technology to do it – Yes, you need a great agency to work with you through all pre event planning and ensure the venue has streaming capabilities etc, but as a matter of fact the most important resource is time. The earlier the agency is involved the better the output, having said that we have managed a live stream with only four days’ notice, so as long as you have the right agency onboard the process shouldn’t give you a headache! There isn’t much jargon either, or at least there shouldn’t be if your team know what they’re doing!
Myth – A live stream is just a one-off waste of money, once it’s happened that’s it another myth! All footage from a live stream should be edited to create a stand-alone archive film that can be used time and time again. If time zones were a challenge, your audience can log on at a convenient time and rewatch the event. Post-production can also be used to enhance key parts of the event and again increase sponsor brand profile.
Myth – Hosting a live Q&A on a live stream is dangerous, what about internet trolls yes we know no matter who you try and target there, is likely one or two troublemakers looking to cause a scene online, but this shouldn’t put you off. Although the stream itself is live, with the support of your digital and marketing colleagues, it is possible to moderate the interaction as you go. A slight delay of only one minute or so allows comments and interactions to be moderated before going live. Engaging with audience’s pre-event and asking them to submit questions ahead of the day can also provide content to avoid any awkward silences or Q&A tumbleweed moments. It’s important to keep the energy moving for the audience in the room and also tuning in remotely.
        1. Not as scary as you thought?

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